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Writing for Grief & Healing Workshop January 2023

I'm so happy you are here.  The last few years we have all had to face adversity during a time of isolation and cultural turmoil. Whether you are looking to explore your grief and/or a recent diagnosis, we are all on a path of healing. This workshop is a place for your own inner journey. If we can replace just a few of our self-judgements with curiosity, we clear space to let healing begin. 

Sundays 4pm-5pm


This workshop will be 5 weeks long and will be remote. Every week we will focus on a specific topic with an assignment, as well as creative inspiration to help along the way. There is also daily journaling which isn't required, but can help in processing.  We will have weekly workshops as a group to discuss assignment and share our writings. I will also give individual feedback on assignments via email, or via zoom in half hour sessions during my "office hours." You must book these in advance and stick to schedule as to ensure I have room for all students. Our last week will conclude with a musical performance from someone SUPER awesome to be announced. 

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