Week 1

Welcome to CWW Aug 2020, everyone!
I'm so happy you've decided to take a chance on YOU!

  This is the homepage for the workshop- you'll see a box for the book excerpt, the journaling cues, the lyrical analysis as well as the weekly assignments. 

I recommend to start by reading/listening to everything I've posted and then using the assignments as the inspiration to start journaling. You could then take your ideas and put them into whatever format you'd like. It's also totally acceptable to leave your writings as a journal entry too! 

Also- you should have received an invite to the "group" message board, please check in and introduce yourself!

Book Excerpt Assignment: (see excerpt on page or click here):

If there was a book that I would recommend that every human would read, it's this one.

I got "If the Buddha Got Stuck" after my therapist STRONGLY advised it as a roadmap for the inner journey I was embarking on. Once I started reading and journaling, I carried it around like Linus's blanket for years.

I also have shared it with many of my friends (of all religions and/or spiritual paths). It's a great tool for working through trauma.

Here are some questions that came up for me-

1. What does it mean to you to "Be Alive"? 

2. What roadblocks or self-sabotage behaviors in your "day to day" keep you from being your truest self? 

3. What part of the excerpt would you highlight or better yet, write on a post it for a daily reminder? (Do it!)

Lyrical Analysis (see page for lyrics and video/audio links or click here):

 "Humble & Kind" are words thrown a lot, especially in the world of self help. In listening to this song, what resonated with me is that she is not only saying to be "humble and kind" when it's convenient for us, but also when it isn't. When it takes work to do those small things for others even when we are flying high, at our lowest, or even when we don't agree.

Our egos are tricky little liars, aren't they? We are taught to go after bigger, better, faster, more- yet we can still feel incredibly empty when we have reached the said "destination." 

I wonder if it's because there are so many little victories that are happening along the way that we forget to see. What do YOU think?

1. What is the first emotion you feel when listening to this song? 

2. What part of this song resonates with you and why? 



Let's Riff!


 Writing and Visualization Exercise:

One analogy I have used a lot in life coaching and teaching is visualizing who we are as a human as a house (tiny house, igloo, hut, cabin, castle, yurt, tent, villa etc... whatever is clever:).

Every brick or piece of plywood laid, every accessory we have chosen as personal flair, and even the dog hair on the floor (if it's mine) is a reflection of the life we have lived and the live we choose to live.  I see our past experiences as the foundation. Every trauma, every past relationship, every loss, every success all come together to hold up our lives. Sure there are cracks, but there may also be beautiful mosaic tile work to show our successes too. If it was super traumatic, maybe I commemorated it by putting in a water feature, or maybe I just bought a rug :) The foundation is not WHO we are, but is a part of us. I also believe it can be extremely harmful to start eradicating our foundation because we think it's "flawed." Like when we pick ourselves apart instead of forgiving and loving ourselves.  And let's be clear, it doesn't mean our foundations don't need maintenance, or even some new bricks, but if you don't have any foundation at all- you have nothing to build your life on.

I feel like how we design this "house" is all about of our gifts, talents and what makes us thrive. Whether that be a stack of books and comfy blankets, an art room, a large fountain, a cat sanctuary or a dance studio. Whether we have loudly colored walls and shag carpet, or modern minimalist boho with plants everywhere- it's the same as how we express ourselves because this "house" is our safest space to be who we are.

Hopefully you can see a picture in your mind so using this analogy- write, paint or draw your "house."

Definition of riff.

1 : an ostinato phrase (as in jazz) typically supporting a solo improvisation also : a piece based on such a phrase.

2 : a rapid energetic often improvised verbal outpouring especially : one that is part of a comic performance.

3 : a succinct usually witty comment.