Cues are great ways to jumpstart your writing. They are also great to plug in when you are feeling stuck.

You can plug them in at the start of every phrase and if you'd like to go even further- keep it within the syllables I have recommended.

You can also just use them at the start of each paragraph instead of each phrase- really the sky is the limit.

These are super fun to do as a group as it's crazy to see how different our minds work!

I've given an example but you do NOT have to rhyme if you don't want to :)


She was (10 syllables)

Sometimes when (12 syllables)

The sky (10 syllables)

When was (10 syllables)

If (12 syllables)

Turn (12 syllables)

Blue light(10 syllables)

Roses (12 syllables)

Stopped and (10 syllables)

We ran(12 syllables)

Weightlessness (10 syllables)

Were we (12 syllables)

I am (10 syllables)

You were (12 syllables)

Birds seem (10 syllables)

Highways are (12 syllables)

With the (10 syllables)

Their eyes (12 syllables)

For you (10 syllables)

I will (12 syllables)

Someday she (10 syllables)



I heard (10 syllables)

It was (12 syllables)

New York City (10 syllables)

Bright lights (12 syllables)

Her eyes (10 syllables)

That day (12 syllables)

What if (10 syllables)

What will (12 syllables)

If only (10 syllables)

Before it (12 syllables)

Have you (10 syllables)

At night (10 syllables)

I want (12 syllables)

 Wolves were (10 syllables)

Walking  (12 syllables)

So many (10 syllables)

I did (12 syllables)

Starry skies (10 syllables)

I am (12 syllables)

Finally (10 syllables)

 Saving all (12 syllables)

Goodbye (10 syllables)

She was everything I wanted to be 

Sometimes when the night comes in she finds me once again

The sky is always playing tricks on me

When was the last word the same as the end


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