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Surgery tomorrow, Chemo to come

I can't believe we are finally here. It has been 10 long weeks since diagnosis. The wait for answers has felt more excruciating than any physical pain I have had thus far, but I am grateful to have such an incredible support team to guide me. There is no perfect scenario and cancer sucks no matter what, but my journey so far has been as so love filled I could burst.

Today's Pre-Op appt was 2 hours long with more information than I could compute. Thankfully Dane was there taking notes, nodding as he took in the med speak. I was floating in and out of anxiety as they explained the incisions, scraping of chest walls and the fluid that will be draining out of me. I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to those things. They let us know that we are far more prepared than most. I reminded them we have had 10 weeks to prepare and as their eyes got bigger, I knew they understood. I also have a Dane and an army of support, so I feel as prepared as humanly possible.

I rushed home to pack my bag for the hospital and it felt like I was packing a diaper bag. It has a blanket, pillow, socks, lotion, pads, tampons, extra clothes and drain holders. The only thing missing was a teething toy and diaper cream😃.

Fun fact- Unless there are complications, they send people home the same day as surgery now because they heal better in their own home. A few hours in the recovery room and hopefully I am home tomorrow night. Tonight, I am going to eat some sushi and have a good glass of wine and try and get some sleep. That seems laughable, but worst case is that I will have a wonderful anesthesia 6 hour sleep tomorrow afternoon.

They are putting in a port during surgery, AC-T are the chemo treatments that they are recommending. It's 3 different chemotherapies for a total of 6 months(ish). Yes I will lose my hair, although I'm not really worried about that part, I had a shaved head twice in my past on purpose, so I will be cutting my hair into fun do's until the final shave by Dane. That being said, something could come up tomorrow when they biopsy my lymph nodes and that course could change, but I am hopeful we will only have this double mastectomy w/ chemo.

There will be more to come and probably stuff I am forgetting, but I just wanted to share where I am at today and send my complete and utter gratitude to my community for being the literal BEST in the world. To everyone who has extended their love and support, sent care packages, signed up for the meal train or given me a hug- thank you! I am so incredibly grateful for all of you. I am grateful for your continued prayers/meditations/good vibes for a successful surgery without complications. Ava and Dane will be the updaters.


BYEEE Millie!

Yours forever,

Angie Sue

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