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Oh Chemo, You so Crazy

Chemo log: Long story short is that I'm getting by with a little help from my friends! Long story for those who are interested and have been asking, keep on reading and keep on being awesome! 🙏 💕

It's been 5 weeks, 3 infusions down and a wild ride of symptoms that I've been tracking and managing the best I can with a whole lot of patience and a great oncologist. The system itself is just insane. No two people go through the same symptoms. My sister Ava and I did the exact same AC-T chemo regimen, yet have differed in symptoms. They are quick to address all possible symptoms by giving you 7 anti nausea meds; 4 via prescription and 3 intravenously via chest port on day of chemo. All of those meds are outside the other barrage of drugs they prescribe in case of other side effects. Sheesh it's a lot. No wonder Chemo is 25 THOUSAND dollars a pop. Nope. Not kidding. That's a whole OTHER post for another day.

The first infusion was the easiest. I say that loosely because Chemo isn't easy, but tolerable is a benchmark for a good week. The doc has said it could be because I had just been through a major surgery so I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't feel like I had been hit by a semi. Also I hadn't lost my hair yet (which WAS painful for me), and most likely it was because in my case, the chemo side effects will worsen as more chemo is introduced into my body.

The second infusion was a kaleidoscope of brain fog bewilderment, acute flu-like symptoms, dry mouth, scalp pain and walking around wearing clothes like I was in the Fargo blizzard 98' (if you know you KNOW). It was cold cluster that sometimes I didn't have the strength to muster. By the end of Infusion 2 week 4, I had a list of questions for my doc to better understand how I could manage these side effects. One thing they DON'T tell you is how many side effects you can manage, because most of us are so damn terrified to get chemo and hear that ALL the bad is normal, so we believe that we are just supposed to feel like garbage. Some of that is true, sure. But the amount prescribed is based on thousands of women who have been through this yet each situation IS different.

Week 3 infusion was yesterday and we tweaked everything that wasn't working. Today I woke up feeling rested, gloriously normal with NO brain fog- and even though I know that could change, I am enjoying every minute of this while it lasts. Chemo life is ALL about the little victories. Having an oncologist who works with you through this all is everything. She listens to my questions every week- from medications to my never ending show/travel questions that keep her giggling and me pouting like a child.

But can I go to this indoor show if I wear 8 masks, a shield and gloves?!?

Still no, Angie.

But what about traveling to a beach if I wear 8 masks, a shield and gloves?

Still no Angie!

What about an outdoor show with no vaxxers or masks if I wear 8 masks, a shield and gloves? ?

Still no Angie!

😞ohhhhhk )

I am so flipping grateful for my tribe and for those who continue to send their love and support in the form of messages, cards, presents- we are so equipped in this journey because of YOU! Here is a photo dump of the Chemo Journey, hope you enjoy!

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