New Website and Show announced

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Hey all! Thank you for taking the time to check out the new website! It's really just a small collage of all the beautiful experiences I've had over the years. I've posted pics with some of the incredible lineups I've been apart of, collaborated with or been in a band with. These musicians and all of my incredible fans have laughed and cried with me, grown up with me and most importantly- we have supported each other through this journey of life through songs.

After a lapse in, I went to find the perfect website and came in as the winner. I am so excited to have this and I feel like it totally represents everything I stand for, and for where I am right now. A HUGE thanks to Jess Skinner, my beautiful and supportive friend, for helping me get this thing off and running.

What is next for this gal, you ask? Well first and foremost, I take it day by day and don't get swallowed in my own expectation. :) I continue to play shows I'm passionate about like this one and will be collaborating with musicians more and more as time allows.

My sweet son has become an independent teenager, which has given me a bit more time to start writing again. I'm not saying it's my favorite thing to let go, and to be honest I'm pretty bad at it. I stand waiting for any opportunity to help him or to hold him- which as we know with teenage boys, is not very often. But he is growing (literally like a weed), maintaining friendships, doing great in school and has far exceeded any expectations I would have had for him. That to me, is so heartbreakingly beautiful. In my time of need, I turn on Atypical, grab a glass of wine and bawl my eyes out as I continually search every day to see inside Spencers beautiful mind.

All I have is such gratitude for this journey. I feel like the hardest days have passed for now, and I am finally able to focus on myself.. Which I am also no good at. But hell, I'm gonna try.

There are people that have been behind the scenes along the way that deserve credit and although I can't name everyone for lack of enough internet space, I wanted to name a few. Thank you ALL for taking this journey with me. Let love be the light, y'all.

Thank you:

My rocks:




Matt Taylor

Jess Taylor

Mike Lavelle

Suzanne Lainson

Samantha Hanson

Sami Jo Lien

Evan Mellichampe

Tour Manager and Merch Slinger:

Crissy Gravina


Jen Plank

Brian Amicon


John McVey

John Macy

Bill Douglass

Jim Dalton

Malcolm Burn


Charleana Arellano

Jake Schroeder


Owen Kortz

Jen Gilleran

My students:

who have a piece of my heart with every step they take <3

My angels: Carrie, Bobby, Emma and

all my friends through Team 25 who lost the fight but finally were freed from their bodies

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Copyright 2018 Angie Stevens  |  All rights reserved
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