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Cancer Sucks

To my beloved community,

I wasn’t sure I was gonna post this, or even how to post. That being said, throughout my career, I have prided myself on unadulterated honesty through the many trials and tribulations of this wild ride of life. It has been my key to connecting and building the best tribe of friends and family, band(s), and community of fans and musicians ever in the history of humans. I give this life my all, even when it side swipes me silly. Today I am faced with the greatest lesson of my life. The one that forces me to shift focus from tending to others to hyper focus on the woman inside.

I wanted to continue my personal transparency with you all, as this journey may detour some plans for the band, and obviously for me and my family. This journey could also lend comfort to someone else going through this, and help me build a new community of women fighting their own battle along side me. It could also lend comfort to me. I am gently learning to allow the beautiful reflection of love back to me. (“Learn the let the light in” is a new song to be released soon… listen to your own words, Ang!!).

This lil' light of mine shines stronger than ever. I have a grateful heart, first and foremost, even as the waves of fear crash up against me. Dane is guiding this ship with knowledge and grace. He is consistently researching and connecting to resources in his field for more info to guide us. Spence is ready to take on the battle with us, armed with love and words of encouragement. So please know, my tribe of friends and family, the band, we got this. Thank you for your unabashed love and support.

Breast Cancer. Positive.

News: A suspicious bump on left breast unrelated to cancer leads to multiple mammograms and a biopsy. pathology shows I have invasive ductal carcinoma and ductal carcinoma in situ. It’s hereditary- same side as my sis and hormone driven. Meet with surgeon soon to discuss further plans. Looks to be beginning stages.

Thoughts: What divine intervention to have had a lil skin cyst, to guide us to the cancer right behind it. Also I am feeling everything and nothing. Sobbing and then laughing. Lots of doctors calling. Trying to keep everyone updated makes it real. It also makes me feel exhausted. All a part of the process. The F**k Cancer club has a new member. Wow oh wow is that insane to say.

Lessons to learn: It is my turn for self love and gentleness. Allowing my creative mojo to flow freely again. A new journey has begun. That book, podcast and new album are calling my name.

I am deeply grateful for your love and support. I will update as I can❤️


Angie Sue

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