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Big News and New Beginnings

I have some super exciting news to share, but before I do so, I need to say a few things first. These last few years have been the hardest of my life, as you all know. I know I have seen like a ray of sunshine, but there has been many many dark times which have lead to really personal, raw songs. Music is personal, whether we like it or not, and sometimes it’s very difficult to allow such personal experiences to be turned into commerce. The industries analyzation can make you feel like your souls in an autopsy.

I was a hell of a business woman as a young Angie Stevens. I spent 60 hours a week working, spent over a hundred grand on my career and built a brand and an image. My business mind is telling me that in order to go down the music path again I’ll need to rebrand, to market myself and to prove that I am relevant once again. There is truth to that. I won’t get gigs in northern Colorado without buzz, but what buzz am I trying to create? The path to what works for me is complex. To rebrand in a new body and a new look(so very different from what I’ve been before) and as a cancer survivor/grief fighter seems insane. I don’t want to benefit from the struggle, yet I wouldn’t be authentic without telling my story. How do you do that without exploiting struggle? I also Definitely won’t be using image as a platform either. I am older now, so far past that idea and to be transparent, I am terrified of it. Imagine stepping back out into the world looking and feeling like a completely different human. I am so self conscious, all of which is normal after these last few years(just ask my therapist). But to be in the public eye with these tender new wings? It takes courage. It takes boundaries.

And now you prolly ask why I even have to say these things. What some may think is justifying, is actually me connecting to you. As many of you know from my live performances, if I don’t connect with each of you, I don’t feel like Ive done my job. It’s what fuels me, what makes me who I am. But I have to have boundaries to what i’m capable of. So i’m here to let you know that a new album is in the works and our cd release will be at the Bluebird on November 26th. I am going to focus on the music and the healing of recording with my band. They have only played on 3 of the songs that are slated for the new album. For marketing, I’m going to try and share the experience of recording with you as well as my workshops. But the rest guys? I don’t have a plan. I am just a girl who was born to love the world. I am raw and ready. Take me as I am. This won’t be a rip roaring album for loud bars, but a place of remembrance, solace and healing in a dark room somewhere with just a hint of light shining in. It’s one of struggle and hope. I can’t wait to tell you all the details but for now I gotta find some Kleenex and wipe myself off the floor. 🤣🤯😭

Thank you for loving me.

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