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“Go on: Just try to find a single soul who’s seen Angie Stevens live and not been completely entranced. Backed by a stellar cast of musicians, Stevens engages audiences in a way that makes every performance feel intimate, like she’s playing her songs just for you. The amiable chanteuse has shared the bill with a wide array of performers and had every audience riveted by the end of each set. Hell, she’s so compelling, we’re pretty sure that her earnest acoustic-based rock could win over a Cephalic Carnage crowd. Bolstered by songs that are often chillingly poignant (‘Judy,’ for example, a song about her mother), Stevens makes the icicles form on your spine the minute she takes the stage.”


 Westword, Best Singer / Songwriter of Denver

"Angie Stevens is a songwriter in the truest sense of the word. Some people write good music with no story, others have good ideas with weak music. She writes passionate songs and there is power in her story. She’s got the songs and her performance of them is riveting.”


Isaac Slade, The Fray

"This workshop pushed me to rekindle my writing goals and my passion for creating… I think this class adds so much value to your life and personal expression and I recommend anyone interested in creative writing to take this class.”

" Angie has not only helped me to become a more confident songwriter but a confident young lady as well… It doesn’t necessarily feel like a “lesson” because she relates so well with her students…Angie is my role model in life. Her songwriting skills are to die for, which comes from her confidence, compassion and honesty. It’s pretty cliche, but Angie has truly changed my life and she is someone I will forever look up to."



"Angie has helped me discover myself. She's helped me see that even if I don't believe I can do it, she is gonna make me prove myself wrong. She is incredible at adapting to her students learning environments. She took me in, loved me and showed me what it's like to be a part of a musical family. "



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Due to current cancer treatments, Angie has postponed all shows until further notice. Follow the journey via Facebook, Instagram or her blog.